Employees' Donation Activity

Mon Sep 10 00:00:00 CST 2018

Deng Shi Mo is an employee of Jin Te Rui Machine, who is a good chef makes delicious food for all staff. Unfortunately her husband had a cancer. After learning of this news, Jin Te Rui launched a fundraiser for her. Most of the employees donate through WeChat. 

On May 26, a rainy day, several representatives of Jin Te Rui handed all donations to Mrs Deng and expressed deep concern to her family. The moment she took the donation , she was extremely excited and incomparable.

Jin Te Rui is a company, show respect and concern for all employees. We provide CNC machining and comprehensive metal fabrication service provider in China. We make wide varieties of custom machining parts. We provide reliable, cost-effective engineering and manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises internationally.

Viola Lee

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