Briefing on the annual business target formulation meeting in 2019

Thu Jun 06 10:12:00 CST 2019

Chongqing Jin Te Rui Machine Co.,Ltd
Briefing on the annual business target formulation meeting in 2019


Chongqing Jin Te Rui Machine Co., Ltd. 2019 annual foreign trade department business target development meeting was held in Jiangshan, Changqiao, Beijiao Country Garden.



Jin Te Rui's corporate culture: work hard, happy life! we started the meeting with a relaxed mood and serious work attitude.


The meeting was first reported by the financial manager Meirong Yang on the financial situation in 2018. They Learning from it and lay the foundation for the development of the 2019 annual target.


Next, General Manager Zhu Jiayong explained in detail the role and production method of the annual regulation circle, let us understand the important role of the writing year circle, and then we are buried in the planning of the 2019 regulation circle.



During the period, there are barbecue activities, eating meat, drinking wine, joking, talking, working hard, happy life, so glad! !


In the evening, the butler prepared a hot pot for us. After the meal, they K songs which made a perfect ending for the meeting. We all set ourselves sales target for 2019. 


Liao's summed up about today's annual meeting and found out that we did not find the problem and proposed to solve it. After the annual work plan is formulated, the determination to finish the target task is more determined because of better planning and arrangement for the new year's work.

Meet the challenge, Achieving the results, we are here 2019! ! !

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