Thu Aug 22 09:13:58 CST 2019

CNC machining is one of the fastest way to build quality market-testing prototypes and production parts. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our CNC machine services.

Subtractive technologies are often thought of as old school, but Next Line is bringing CNC Machining into the next generation. Our leading-edge machines use the latest technology to turn your 3D CAD file into a high-quality, precision production part in as fast as 24 hours.Perfect for low-volume to production quantities. Smooth finishes on a solid metal or plastic parts, produced exactly to design specifications. Offers high-precision tolerances and easily reproducible processes. When we developed the two-face machining combined machine tool of the hand-held tractor gearbox housing, we designed the roughing tool for rough machining, which better solved the problem that the pre-fabricated hole margin is uneven. 


 For this reason, we have selected the appropriate number of teeth according to the diameter range of the hole to be machined. In order to reduce the axial resistance during tool machining, the single tooth width of the tool should be reduced as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the strength of the cutter.  In order to ensure proper clearance between the working tooth side of the cutter and the machined surface, the friction between the side of the cutter and the surface of the workpiece is reduced, and the inverted cone is axially ground on both the inner and outer sides of the cutter. In order to increase the wear resistance of the cutter teeth, the cutter material is made of cemented carbide. 

Viola Lee

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