Hydro launches two green aluminum brand products

Fri Aug 23 10:42:06 CST 2019

On August 12th, Norwegian Hydro launched two green aluminum parts brand products CIRCAL and REDUXA. According to Hydro, the new green brands CIRCAL and REDUXA set new standards for low carbon aluminum and recycled aluminum to support customers to promote sustainable aluminum products.

Hilde Merete Aasheim, President and CEO of Hydro, said: "We are working hard to reduce carbon emissions for ourselves and our customers. By using renewable energy and modern technology, Hydro can produce more environmentally friendly aluminum products than ever before. I believe that as an industrial company, we have a responsibility to help our customers embark on a low carbon development path." At present, customers in various industries such as automobiles and construction are increasingly demanding material sustainability, which is triggered by regulations and rating projects. Bj rn Kjetil Mauritzen, head of environmental department at Hydro, said: “We need to create more environmentally friendly. Products that also need to drive the market for such products. In this way, we will also stimulate investment and R&D, which will change the way we produce and create products in the future, thereby increasing the company's green metal portfolio."

The alloy CIRCAL 75R was first introduced in 2018, when the product was called Hydro 75R. The first contracts have been signed by Hydro's building system brands Technal and Wicona for a total of hundreds of tons. Hydro made a detailed explanation of the above two products. Among them, CIRCAL is a series of products made from recycled aluminum machining scrap, which can greatly reduce energy consumption. The percentage of scrap will vary according to the specifications required by customers, but it can always guarantee a reduction of 2.3kg/CO2 per kilogram of aluminum produced. And Hydro REDUXA is a series of certified low carbon aluminum, made of at least 75% aluminum scrap, with a large carbon footprint of 4.0kg/CO2 per kilogram of aluminum.

Viola Lee

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