CNC turning of thin-walled parts

Wed Aug 28 09:31:13 CST 2019

This product is a component used in aviation machinery. The hole wall is very thin, and the diameter is relatively large, and the processing precision is high, which brings great difficulty to the processing. The material of the product is 2024, which is a typical hard aluminum alloy. Its high strength, good overall performance, good fatigue strength and good cutting performance, but poor corrosion resistance. Since the minimum wall thickness of the product reaches 2.16 mm and the wall thickness of the front end is uniform, it brings great difficulty to the cutting process.


In order to process the product on a CNC lathe to meet the requirements, we have developed a reasonable process and designed some special fixtures and unique circle sleeves. This paper mainly describes the processing process of the product from the three aspects of process analysis, fixture design and processing steps.

Viola Lee

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