Discussion on the development of precision spot welding technology for metal container parts

Thu Aug 29 09:30:22 CST 2019

The parts are even difficult to weld with general resistance spot welding.

The reason why the resistance welding of metal container parts often has problems, the main reason is that the equipment and technology of resistance welding of metal container parts are not precise enough. We have used a lot of energy to solve the improvement of seam welding technology, and the parts of metal container parts. Resistance welding technology has not made much effort. Therefore, our metal container parts resistance welding technology needs to develop in a more precise direction. The precision of resistance welding includes fine adjustment of power supply, precise control of parameters and precision stabilization of pressurizing mechanism. Multi-technology integration constitutes a precision resistance welding system. 
Resistance welding power supply provides resistance heating energy for resistance welding. Its overall development process has emerged as single-phase power frequency AC spot welding power supply, DC pulse spot welding power supply, three-phase low-frequency spot welding power supply, secondary rectification spot welding power supply and capacitor. Energy storage spot welding power supply, in recent years, there has been an inverter spot welding power supply. Power supplies for part welding mainly include single-phase AC power, capacitor energy storage, and inverter power. The adjustability of the inverter resistance spot welding power supply is significantly improved, which is a better power supply, but there is a certain difference between the inverter resistance spot welding power source itself. In order to achieve precision welding of miniature parts, the inverter resistance spot welding power supply technology needs to be further developed.

First, metal container parts commonly used spot welding power supply output adjustment principle and characteristics

Viola Lee

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