Tesla enters Iceland to set up the first customer service center

Tue Sep 17 11:23:17 CST 2019

At the same time, Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 are also available for Icelandic consumers to accept reservations. Compared to other markets, the determination of the “electricization” reform in the European market has never changed. The only theme that is being presented at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany is “Electrification.” Indeed, whether you are a diehard of a fuel car or a believer in new energy, there is an indisputable fact that the future belongs to new energy. car's. Many countries are trying their best to complete the transformation of “electricization”, and it is clear that Iceland is at the forefront.

In fact, Iceland is an island country in Europe. Traditional energy sources such as gasoline are more expensive for car parts owners, and travel costs have become an unavoidable problem. It is reported that the current demand for electricity in Iceland uses renewable energy, which makes the electric vehicle's full cost lower than that of the traditional fuel vehicle, which also provides a convenient condition for the popularization of electric vehicles.

In addition, thanks to Iceland's unique geographical environment, its population is only about 350,000 people, and it is relatively concentrated around the Treykjavik area. The shorter commute distance provides the possibility of electric travel, which is conducive to electrification. Massive popularity. In the past year, Icelandic pure electric vehicle sales have accounted for about 15% of the overall market sales, which is much higher than most pure electricity sales countries. However, there is still a certain gap compared to Norway's 50% pure electricity penetration rate. With the arrival of Tesla, more mature pure electric machining products will provide more choices for Icelandic consumers.

For Tesla, how to deal with the problem of battery performance degradation caused by long-term cold in Iceland is a challenge. The establishment of the service center will provide protection for the Tesla owners. Iceland is clearly a very small market and will not bring any considerable sales to Tesla parts. However, this is significant because it helps accelerate the popularity of electric vehicles. It is believed that Iceland will soon enter the era of electrification and introduce Tesla electric vehicles into the tourism industry.

Viola Lee

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