CNC machining process features

Tue Jul 30 09:59:15 CST 2019

 There are also many differences. The biggest difference is in the control of the cutting tool path. At the same time, because of the high degree of automation of CNC machine tools and the high cost of equipment, CNC machine tools have formed their own characteristics: 

1. The process design of CNC machining is very specific. When using general-purpose machine tools, many specific process problems, such as the division and arrangement of steps in the process, the geometry of the tool, the path of the cutting tool and the amount of cutting, etc., to a large extent They are all considered and decided by the operating workers based on their own practical experience and habits. Generally, there is no need for the craftsman to make excessive regulations when designing the process rules. In the processing of numerically-controlled machine tools, the above-mentioned specific technological problems not only become the contents that must be considered when designing the numerical control process, but also must make correct choices and be incorporated into the processing program. 

2. CNC machining process design is very strict Although CNC machine tools are highly automated, their adaptability is poor. It can't be more flexible and timely man-made adjustments when it comes to general machining. Even though modern CNC machine tools have made a lot of efforts and improvements in adaptive adjustment, their degree of freedom is not great. For example, when a numerically-controlled machine tool machined a threaded hole, it did not know whether the hole was already full of chips, whether it was necessary to retract the knife, or to clean the chips and then feed it. Therefore, in the process design of numerical control machining, every detail in the machining process must be paid attention to, and the calculation and programming must be correct. 

3. CNC machining operations are quite procedural because of the high degree of automation of CNC machining and multi-axis linkage, which facilitates the centralized arrangement of processes. However, the numerically-controlled machine tools are expensive and require high technical requirements. The objects to be processed are also parts with complicated shapes and high values. Some parts that are damaged by accident or damage to the machine tools or cutting tools will cause great losses. Therefore, the procedural requirements for the basic steps of CNC machining operations are quite strict. From the process design → programming procedures → verification procedures → parts processing can not be ignored in every step, of which program verification is an important part. In practice, it is not uncommon for examples of major machine tool accidents and quality accidents to be caused by errors in one decimal point or one symbol. 

Viola Lee

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