What is Die Casting?

Similar to precision plastics injection molding, a die casting part is made by melting metal ingots such as aluminum or zinc into empty cavity of a set die casting mold. After optimized cooling phase to solidify the die casting parts, ejected from the mold and the molding cycle is repeated. Molding duration ranged from few seconds to several minutes can be depent on raw metal ingots material, die casting parts size or weight, mold design.


Aluminum Die Casting Service

At Jin Te Rui, our aluminum dies casting services have been helping engineers, product designers and architects bring their designs to life with state of the art part designs and reliable quality. Given our experience in the industry.


What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Services?

Our revolutionary aluminum pressure casting process offers a number of important benefits including:

Customization:  It facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy to customize the casting to specific manufacturing processes.

Higher rates:  Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a much higher rate than other metal alloys. Robotic die cast work cells are also used to increase production efficiency.

Lightweight strength:  Aluminum castings offer the highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.

Low cost:  Aluminum die cast parts are typically less expensive than other metal alloys.


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