CNC Milling Brass and Cooper Parts

CNC machined parts

Copper is an excellent material that is easy to be machined by CNC. It has great properties including electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. It is applied in electric power, electronics, energy and petrochemical, machinery and metallurgy, transportation, light industry, emerging industries, and other fields that are second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.
Copper derivative brass is widely used in CNC turning. It is an object made of an alloy of copper and zinc. It is named for its yellow color. Brass with a copper content of 56% to 68% has a melting point of 934~ 967 degrees. With good mechanical properties and wear resistance, it can be used to manufacture precision instruments, parts of ships, and shells of guns. Generally, there is a relatively large amount of precision copper parts such as auto parts, medical parts, and electrical parts.

CNC Milling Services for Brass and Cooper Parts

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Materials – CNC Milling Brass and Copper

CNC Milling Materials for Brass Parts

360 Brass is also known as Machinable Brass because it has the highest lead content of any brass alloy. This excellent machinability is accompanied by minimal tool wear. It can be used to manufacture various parts such as gears, locks, pipes, and trims.

Yield Strength (tensile)Elongation at BreakHardnessDensityMaximum Temp
15,000 psi53%Rockwell B350.307 lbs / cu. in.1650° F

CNC Milling Materials for Bronze Parts

932 Bearing Bronze is a high-strength alloy with good wear and corrosion resistance due to its tin, iron, and zinc content. It is most commonly used in bearings, bushings, and thrust washers. 932 bronze is not heat treatable.

Yield Strength (tensile)Elongation at BreakHardnessDensityMaximum Temp
18,000 psi10%Rockwell B340.322 lbs / cu. in.500° F

CNC Milling Materials for Copper Parts

The excellent thermal and electrical conductivity of 101 and 110 copper alloys makes them a natural choice for bus bars, wire connectors, and other electrical applications. 101 copper (also known as superconducting copper) is more conductive due to its high purity (99.99% copper) but is more cost-effective because 110 is easier to process.

Materials Properties

High-Speed Machining
Brass offers excellent machinability that is sometimes referred to as 100% machinability. The mechanical properties of this alloy are high strength, high tensile strength, and shear resistance.

Precision Machining and Dimensional Stability
Brass is well-known for its dimensional stability and is suited for strict tolerance manufacturing, too.

High Workpiece to Tool Compatibility
In brass CNC machining, there is negligible chip formation therefore tool wear and tear are minimum.

Higher Productivity and Profit
Being a fast, and precise machining process, brass CNC machining increases process efficiency. Brass is comparatively an economically convenient material, therefore it benefits the capital investment of machining material.

Brass CNC Machining is Eco-friendly
Brass is a copper alloy that retains the chemical or physical properties of natural copper. However, a few properties are enhanced in this alloy. Therefore, the material in this process is eco-friendly.

CNC Milling Brass and Cooper Parts