CNC Machining Stainless Steel Cutterhead

  1. Material: SS 321
  2. Size: 147.35824.5 mm
  3. Process: CNC turning and CNC milling
  4. Surface treatment: None

What Are the Reasons for Using CNC Machining to Manufacture Stainless Steel Cutterheads?

  1. Precision: CNC machining can produce very precise parts with tight tolerances. This is important for cutterheads, as they need to be able to cut accurately and consistently.
  2. Repeatability: CNC machining can produce the same part over and over again with the same precision. This is important for the mass production of cutterheads, as it ensures that all of the parts are of the same high quality.
  3. Flexibility: CNC machining can be used to produce a wide variety of different shapes and sizes of cutterheads. This is important because it allows manufacturers to create custom cutterheads for specific applications.
  4. Material removal rate: CNC machining can remove material from stainless steel at a high rate. This is important for manufacturing cutterheads, as it allows manufacturers to produce them quickly and efficiently.
  5. Surface finish: CNC machining can produce a high-quality surface finish on stainless steel cutterheads. This is important because it helps to prevent corrosion and wear.

Why Choose JTR?

JTR can offer you a variety of CNC turning choices in addition to top-notch products. For your peace of mind, we are certified as a TS16949 quality system and as an ISO9001:2008 organization. Our highly qualified engineering team will also provide you with an excellent turning plan. Our goal is to complete the manufacturing process in a single day, and we’ll do everything in our power to get the products to you as soon as we can.