Aluminum CNC Machining 6061-T6 Parts

  • Identification of Product: P004
  • Size: 164*320(mm)
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Al6061-T6
  • Treatment: None
  • Weight: 3.48KG
  • Features: No oxidization on the appearance, no scratch allowed on the surface, and the inner cavity is deep.

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  • Raw material – Al6061-T6 aluminum alloy rod
  • Equipment – Three-axis CNC machine, CNC lathe, four-axis CNC machine, hydraulic sawing machine
  • Cutting tools – Sandvik CNC turning tools, blades, precision boring tools and extended anti-vibration milling cutters, alloy drills, taps, etc.
  • Machining process – Unloading on-demand → CNC lathe roughing → product aging treatment → CNC lathe finishing → CNC three-axis machining → CNC four-axis finishing → edge burr treatment
  • Testing tools and equipment – Three-coordinate, digital display vernier caliper, digital display depth gauge, outer diameter micrometer, inner diameter micrometer, roughness meter
  •  Surface finishing treatment – None
  •  Assembly – None
  • Packing – 5-layer corrugated paper outer box + bubble bag + pearl sponge + packaging tape