CNC Machining Part AL6061-T6

  • Identification of Product: P010
  • Size: 117*117*40(mm)
  • Material: aluminum alloy AL6061-T6
  • Surface treatment: no
  • Product weight: 1KG


1. Raw material: AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy plate.

2. Processing equipment: three-axis CNC, hydraulic sawing machine.

3. Tools: Sandvik CNC milling cutters, precision boring cutters, extended shock-resistant milling cutters, drill bits, taps, etc.

4. Machining process: blanking on demand → CNC rough machining → CNC three-axis finishing → edge burr treatment.

5. Testing tools and equipment: three coordinates, digital display vernier caliper, digital display depth caliper, thread plug gauge, etc.

6. Surface treatment: natural color anodizing

7. Assembly: no

8. Packaging: 5 layers of corrugated paper in the outer box + bubble bag + pearl sponge