CNC lathe machining is widespread in machining, CNC machining can make aluminum parts, copper parts, and most other alloy parts. CNC machining products of different materials requires the selection of varying quality tools to ensure the fineness of the product.

This article will introduce the processing steps, selection methods, and precautions of CNC lathe processing.

CNC lathe machining

Processing method of CNC lathe machining

1. First, determine the process requirements of the parts, the number of batches of workpieces to be processed, and make preliminary preparations for the functions that the CNC lathe should have.

Then, according to the requirements of the parts, the CNC lathe is reasonably selected, in addition to the structural size, processing range, accuracy requirements of the parts, etc.

2. Select the control accuracy of the CNC lathe according to the accuracy requirements (the requirements of the dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, and surface roughness of the workpiece). Choose according to the reliability, which guarantees improving product quality and production efficiency.

How to choose a CNC lathe that is more suitable for you?

1. Choose a CNC machine with high reliability. When the machine tool performs its functions under specified conditions, it runs stably for a long time without failure, that is, the average time between failures is long; Put into use

2. Choose a machine tool with a reasonable structure, well-manufactured, and mass-produced. In general, the more users the CNC machine tool has, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

How to avoid the occurrence of substandard products during processing?

1. Pre-treat the burrs on the surface of the workpiece

This is a detail that many businesses tend to overlook. For a part, CNC lathe machining parts are completed by equipment. Due to the machine producing parts, there will be some dimensional deviations, and at the same time, some burrs and other factors that affect the product quality may be generated on the surface of the parts.

If the burr is not polished and trimmed in time, the part can only be scrapped, otherwise, the performance of the part will be affected when it is used.

2. Part Accuracy

For CNC lathe parts, the accuracy requirements are very strict. Only use parts that meet accuracy requirements. The evaluation criteria for accuracy are mainly based on the dimensions and tolerances of the parts.

The size of CNC machined parts cannot exceed the preset part size range. Although part tolerance values are allowed to fluctuate within a certain range, the tolerance range should be as small as possible. If out of tolerance, the part will be rejected and cannot be used.

3. Analysis of test results

All components are subject to performance testing before leaving the factory. Only parts that perform up to the standard of use can be delivered to the customer.

If the performance of the parts is unqualified, some of the reasons should be analyzed, which can also avoid large-scale scrap. Manufacturers in the processing industry do this. They will make certain quality control charts based on some performance of many homes to analyze the reasons.

However, due to the different technical conditions and experience of engineers of each CNC Machining manufacturer, the reject rate of their processed parts is different. Therefore, choosing a good CNC lathe machining factory is very important for customers.

Engineer corrects parameter error in CNC lathe machining

How to find online high-quality CNC machining manufacturers?

Thanks to the Internet, our range of parts processing suppliers is no longer limited to our city or country. We can choose a more trusted CNC machining supplier from thousands of suppliers through the Internet.

How can I know if an online supplier is trustworthy? The answer to this question is quite simple. You only need to visit their website, then check the CNC machining services you need, and observe whether there are a variety of machining solutions on their website and whether you can customize your products. These details are the details of choosing a good CNC machining supplier.

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