Galvanized steel sheet is a common sheet, and the most notable advantage of the galvanized sheet is its anti-corrosion properties. Galvanized steel sheets are used in a wide variety of applications and remain popular, for example in the construction industry, automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, refrigerators, ventilation and heating installations, etc. As a manufacturer that can provide excellent sheet metal fabrication services, JTR will introduce the method of laser cutting galvanized sheets in detail in this article.

Laser cutting machines can cut metal materials of various hardness commonly used in industrial manufacturing, but there are many options for the use of auxiliary gas during cutting.

In the process of processing galvanized sheets, it is necessary to add auxiliary gas. The purity and pressure of the auxiliary gas will affect the quality of the cut galvanized sheet section. Generally, there are three cutting processes to choose from: air cutting, oxygen cutting, and nitrogen cutting.

laser cutting galvanized sheets

What is the role of assist gas when cutting?

Auxiliary gas is used to enhance the cutting effect and has multiple functions.

1. Remove the molten metal liquid from the material itself, and the auxiliary equipment blows off the slag in the cutting area and cleans the cutting seam.

2. Allow the area around the kerf to cool to reduce the size of the heat-affected zone.

3. Some cutting gases can protect the base metal.

What is oxygen cutting?

Oxygen cutting is the most traditional and standard cutting method, and the oxygen purity of the auxiliary gas is recommended to be above 99.6% during cutting. The higher the oxygen purity, the higher the quality accuracy of the cut galvanized sheet section, but the cutting cost will also be higher.

Advantages of oxygen cutting:

1. Low cost;

2. In sheet metal processing mainly made of carbon steel, there is no need to switch auxiliary gas frequently, which is convenient for factory management.

Disadvantages of oxygen cutting:

After oxygen cutting, there will be a layer of an oxide skin on the surface of the cut surface. If this product with oxide skin is directly welded, the oxide skin will naturally peel off after a long time.

What is Nitrogen Cutting?

Nitrogen cutting uses nitrogen for high-speed processing. If the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, the purity of nitrogen should be higher than 99.5%.

Advantages of Nitrogen Cutting:

The role of nitrogen is different from the oxygen used for combustion, but it plays a protective role, so the cut section will not produce oxide skin.

Advantages of Nitrogen Cutting:

Since there is no protection at all on the cutting section, the product is prone to rust.

What is air cutting?

It is an economical and efficient cutting method.

Advantages of air cutting:

1. The processing cost is extremely low;

2. The cutting efficiency on the thin plates can match nitrogen gas cutting.

Disadvantages of air cutting:

1. The section of air cutting will produce burrs, and the products after laser processing must go through secondary processing such as deburring.

2. The air-cut section is prone to blackening, which affects the quality.

The advantages and disadvantages of oxygen cutting, air cutting, and nitrogen cutting are introduced above. These three auxiliary gases can be used in the laser cutting of galvanized sheets.

car doors

car doors

mechanical equipment casings

mechanical equipment casings

Sheet metal processing includes methods such as cutting blanking, blanking, and bending. Commonly used materials include galvanized sheets, aluminum sheets, stainless steel sheets, cold-rolled sheets, and hot-rolled sheets. The current popular sheet metal manufacturing parts include electrical cabinets, control cabinets, and other mechanical equipment casings, car doors, energy storage mobile power supply casings, large energy storage inverter casings, centralized photovoltaic equipment casings, and so on. If you need sheet metal processing services, you can contact JTR, we will provide you with highly cost-effective and professional sheet metal processing and manufacturing services.

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